Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fall credit cover

I got the opportunity to choose the images that are featured on the cover of this fall's credit schedule and I thought it came out nice so here it is.

blast from the past | Pen

First term graphic design projects all done by hand and produced using a copy machine.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm so excited about the projects that I am working on this month, here is a taste of what I have been doing at my summer internship!

1. I'm working on the PCC Willow Creek Campus, "Green Screen" this project involves a really large wall that has a flat touch screen mounted in it that showcases all of the environmentally friendly features of the new campus. My job is to choose a paint color for the wall and then design a giant floor to ceiling vinyl sticker graphic that will be applied to draw attention to the screen.

2. I'm designing a 3D crafty wonderland of a window display for the PCC Downtown Center that includes a new info-graphic map that I'm working on as a focal point. Think handmade paper crafts and bold bright graphics!

3. I'm also making a giant 3 panel visual display board that PCC will use to recruit new students.

Look for updates, pictures etc. in the next few weeks.